We are a Canadian multi-media agency, creative studio, mixed-media production house, and performance and professional educational development hub. We hone in on creativity, and cultivate one’s own “vivid illusion” to bring it to life, aiming to combine all mediums including Dance, Music, Literature, and Visual Art.

Publishing and Distribution Vision: Visual art, audiobooks, music videos, dance production videos, sound/audio recordings, photography, as well as literary works (poetry anthologies, nonfiction books, creative fictional essays and short stories, biographies, and novels relating to cultural issues or the arts) for artists whose values are in alignment with ours. Vivid Illusion is designed for multi-media artists seeking to monetize their art and expand their knowledge and abilities, offering recording, producing, publishing and distributing services, as well as a creative space to learn and sell creative artwork.

Our Mission

Vivid Illusion’s mission is to assist artists with the creative process through education and inspiring artists. This is reflected in the company’s tagline;

Cultivate | Invigorate ● Record | Publish


[create your own reality]