Creative Director

Dawn Web

Creative Director

Dawn Web was born and raised in a small town in Ottawa, Ontario, and comes from a mixedrace family of six. They moved to Halifax, NS for university, where they completed a Bachelor of Science with a Specialization in Neuroscience and Psychology. This led them to pursue a career as a First Responder, Child and Youth Counsellor, Research Assistant, and even a Personal Support Caretaker.

Dawn is the creative director for Vivid Illusion Creative Studios Inc., musician, visual artist, dancer, and an educator. DW completed de-escalation training as well as an Associate’s in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), specializing in 1-to-1 and Online Teaching. They completed various training with creative writing, music theory/training, dance and visual art drop-ins and art-therapy.

Dawn Web, author of Red Corner [more broadly The Primary Series]. Their poem“Flashbacks” is also featured in Fathom Editorial. Dawn’s raw and vulnerable tone explores themes of identity, love, growth, perseverance, and navigating intergenerational trauma aftermath to crack the cycle. They strive to bring individuals closer to themselves and others through art.

Dawn is a multi-media artist, award-winning dancer, feature-musician in Wool Sweater, and queer neurodivergent advocate for mental health as well as marginalized individuals and communities. They find comfort in multiple mediums such as playing music, writing, painting, and dancing. These are devices that Dawn pulls out of their toolbox to explore and express themself. In university, they registered for a creative writing class and what began as journalling was transformed into poetry, prose, songs, and stories. They believe that with the right tools we can spark change through creation and leadership.

Training institutions include:

  • Voices Dance Project | Ottawa, ON
  • Millennium Dance Complex | Los Angeles, CA
  • The Flava Factory | Ottawa, ON
  • Union Studios | Ottawa, ON
  • House of Eights Dance Studio | Halifax, NS
  • Dalhousie University | Halifax, NS
  • Ottawa Dance Directive | Ottawa, ON
  • Voices Dance Project | Ottawa, ON
  • Pulse Studios | Calgary, AB,
  • Decidedly Jazz Danceworks | Calgary, AB
  • Renée Landry Vocal Coach | Ottawa, ON
  • Yamaha Music School | Ottawa, ON
  • Lorna Wanzel Music School | Halifax, NS
  • St.Mark High School | Ottawa, ON
  • Kali Andrews Dance Company | Ottawa, ON
  • Carleton University | Ottawa, ON
  • Piqué Dance Studio | Ottawa, ON
  • Lisgar Collegiate Institute | Ottawa, ON
  • The TEFL Academy | UK