Zyland Leduc is a young, interdisciplinary artist based in Ottawa, ON. They were born in Calgary, AB, raised in Cornwall, ON and are closely supported by a wonderful set of family and friends.

From a young age, they have always taken interest in a wide range of artistic hobbies including photography, videography, general arts and crafts, painting, writing, etc. As an adult, they continue creating art of many forms in hopes that they spark the interest of creative expression to new individuals and expand on their own talents and abilities.

They are continueing to develop their photography skills meticulously alongside their videography skills to help jump-start their career in the local artistic community and can often be found at live music events, local community events, scouting out new locations around their city or editing photos in a small café somewhere. Recently, they received their first image publication in the Seaway Valley News paper for their photo work with the Alzheimer’s Society of Cornwall and District and the City of Cornwall.

In the freetime, they have when they aren’t taking photos or editing them, Zyland enjoys creating in various other ways. From painting to jewellery to general crafting, there isn’t a medium they don’t enjoy giving a shot. They are looking to expand their creative horizons, trying just about anything and everything they can get their hands on.

They are looking to put all of the skills they’ve learned over the years into practice and have started branching off into various creative industries such as their photography work, selling wire wrapped jewellery, selling paintings, helping other artist make their creative dreams reality and so much more.

They joined Vivid Illusions Creative Studios in hopes that they can collaborate and create with like minded individuals.