Multi-disciplinary Artist

Dawn Web

Multi-disciplinary Artist

About the Author of RED CORNER:

Dawn Web is a queer and neurodivergent individual, born and raised in a small town in Ottawa, Ontario, and comes from a conservative mixed-race family of six. Dawn has been creating and exploring multiple mediums as coping strategies for as long as they can remember. Dawn is a multi-media artist, first place award-winning dancer, feature author for Fathom: Creative Writing Journal, feature multi-instrumentalist in the band Wool Sweater, and is the Creative Director for Vivid Illusion Creative Studios Inc. They moved to Halifax, NS, where they completed a Bachelor of Science with a Specialization in Neuroscience and Psychology at Dalhousie University and took a class in creative writing. This led them to pursue a career as a First Responder, Child and Youth Counsellor, Research Assistant, a Personal Support Caretaker, and finally an Author and Multidisciplinary Artist.

Praise for RED CORNER by Dawn Web

Dawn has the ability to elicit unexpected images and emotions through rhyme and sonic elements without a tight grip, and maintains a cohesive sense of a poetic voice… It forces the reader to feel and experience the sensations the writer experiences and writes about—it’s magnetic and pulls the reader through different textures and sounds, inviting them into a moment, in ways that are both uncomfortable and exhilarating.

- Dakota Reed, Editor for Atmosphere Press & Poetry Instructor at University of Bahrain

RED CORNER… favours economical, lyric poetry reminiscent of Phyllis Webb’s Naked Poems, but often plays with the rhythmic and declarative registers of slam poetry, sections of dialogue that call to mind screenwriting, and prose poems. This formal elasticity builds towards the sixth chapter, Vortex, a personal essay that chronicles the poet’s journey through mental illness, sexual assault, and sexual identity. Following… a socially-minded section reminiscent of Karen Solie’s politically charged poetry—is confident, even strident…it’s complex, thoughtful, and engaging… it won’t be the last from this ambitious, brave, and introspective young writer.

- Dr. Becca Babcock, Author with Nimbus Publishing, Writing Instructor & FASS Assistant Dean at Dalhousie University

Dawn Web is a poet to read, keep reading, and watch out for—a lyrical and formal genius delivering line after line of crafted perfection.

- Stephen Dudas, Ph.D in Literature focus in Creative Writing & Reedsy Discovery Book Review

Dawn’s work draws a breathing, living response from its reader, tracing a wisdom, demanding and providing in equal parts. Dawn Web and RED CORNER arrive for me in two words—fearlessly alive.

-anDrew Milne, BSc, Inter-artist

… Dawn Web does a great job of turning griefs into poetry and not a kind of emotional venting—and at such a young age!

- Michael Martin, Ph.D in English Literature, Author at Angelico Press, & Philosopher

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